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XXIIth annual symposium of the Dutch Thyroid Research Foundation


The Dutch Thyroid Research Foundation cordially invites you to the 22nd edition of its annual symposium, which will take place on June  8 , 2018 at the West-Indisch huis in Amsterdam. International and Dutch experts will highlight important recent developments in basic and clinical thyroidology.

The symposium will start with an overview lecture, summarizing the most important developments in the research of regulation of thyroid hormone action. This lecture is dedicated to the memory of Theo Visser, who passed away unexpectedly last March. After this overview, the first session will be on thyroid hormone transport and Prof. Heike Heuer (University of Essen, Germany) will discuss thyroid hormone transporter defects in experimental models. Dr. Stefan Groeneweg (Erasmus MC, Rotterdam) will share the recent results of the international TRIAC trial in patients with MCT8 transporter defects.

The second session will focus on trace elements: Prof. Lutz Schomburg (Charite, Berlin) will discuss the role of selenium in thyroid hormone synthesis and Dr. Sarah Bath (University of Surrey) will give a presentation on iodine status, thyroid hormones and pregnancy.

After lunch, the focus will shift to the role of thyroid hormone in haematology and the immune response. Dr. Anne van der Spek (AMC, Amsterdam) will discuss the role of thyroid hormone in macrophage function, Dr. Anja van Gucht (ErasmusMC, Rotterdam) will discuss the effect of thyroid hormone on erythropoiesis and the session will end with a presentation about the relation between thyroid function and immune responses in healthy volunteers.

The last session of the day is focussed on thyroid hormones, muscle and heart. Prof. Domenico Salvatore (University of Naples, Italy) will discuss the role of thyroid hormone in muscle function while Dr. Nils Bömer (UMCG, Groningen) and Dr. Layal Chaker (ErasmusMC, Rotterdam) will discuss the role of thyroid hormone in cardiac function.

We look forward to an exciting meeting and hope to see you in Amsterdam!

The Dutch Thyroid Research Foundation


09:30: Welcome and registration

10:00: Introduction

10:05: Regulation of thyroid hormone action; a historical overview Lecture dedicated to the memory of Theo Visser

           Robin Peeters/Edward Visser (Erasmus MC)            


Thyroid hormone and TH transporter defects

10.30:             Thyroid hormone transporter defects; animal studies

                        Heike Heuer (Dusseldorf, Germany)      

11.00:             The TRIAC trial

                        Stefan Groeneweg (Erasmus MC, Rotterdam)


Thyroid hormone and iodine; basic and clinical aspects

11.30:            Thyroid hormone synthesis and selenium

                       Lutz Schomburg (Charité Universitätsmedizin, Berlin)

12.00:            Iodine status, thyroid hormones and pregnancy     

                       Sarah Bath (University of Surrey, Guildford)


12:30:            Lunch


Thyroid hormone and haematology

13.30:             Thyroid hormone action in macrophages

                        Anne van der Spek (AMC, Amsterdam

14.00:             Thyroid hormone action and erythropoesis

                        Anja van Gucht (Erasmus MC, Rotterdam)

14.30:             Thyroid function and immune responses in healthy volunteers: results of the 500 Functional Genomics project

                         Romana Netea-Maier (UMCN, Nijmegen)


15:00             Tea


Thyroid hormones, muscle and heart

15.30:             Thyroid hormone and muscle function

                        Domenico Salvatore (Naples University, Italy)             

16.00:             Chronic heart failure and thyroid hormone; from bedside-to-bench

                        Nils Bömer (UMCG, Groningen)

16.30:             The thyroid - heart connection

                        Layal Chaker (Erasmus MC, Rotterdam)


17:00             Drinks and farewell


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Het West-Indisch Huis

Herenmarkt 99

1013 EC Amsterdam



Dutch Thyroid Research Foundation (Stichting Schildklieronderzoek Nederland)

Board: Prof. dr. T Links, dr. A. Boelen, Prof. dr. R.P. Peeters, dr. W.S. Simonides, dr. R. Netea-Maier


Costs (including lunch and drinks):

Students:  free

PhD students  and fellows: € 25,-

Other participants: € 100,-

Please pay before 8th June, account NL02 ABNA 0469862025 with reference to  Stichting Schildklieronderzoek Nederland, Rotterdam



This symposium will be accredited by the Nederlandse Internisten Vereniging (NIV)